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Your All-In-One Property Report

The Insider Report is specifically designed for sheriff auctions. It compiles accurate and verified information crucial to your decision making.

This two-minute guide will talk you through how to:

  • Interpret the information provided
  • Use valuation tools to help you to determine your price
  • Spot discount opportunities

Let's get started...

Get Accurate Information

Successful buyers will tell you that proper research is the key factor of their success.

“You may have to pay a small fee in order to lay your hands on the relevant information, but this knowledge will prove to be invaluable when it comes time to bid.”

The more information you have, the more confident you will be setting your maximum bid. A confident maximum bid gives you a higher chance of winning the auction.

Inspect Deeds Office Records

The Deeds Office is the ultimate authority on land ownership in the country. You must always review the records held by the Deeds Office before bidding.

In the Insider Report, you'll find the folowing from the Deeds Office:

  • Official legal boundaries
  • The size of the property as registered in the deeds office
  • The year in which the property was completed (for apartments)

Read The Government Gazette

For a property to be sold at a Sheriff Auction, it is a legal requirement to publish its particulars in the Government Gazette. This is a 'must-read' and can reveal:

  • The property's condition and occupancy status
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking spaces, or garages
  • The number of parking bays or garages
  • The type of property (vacant stand, under construction, finished house, etc.)
  • Details of cottages or outbuildings
  • The transferring attorney's contact details

Determine Property Value

Valuing a property before bidding is critical because it provides a benchmark for determining a realistic bid price.

This ensures that you don't overpay and helps identify potential bargains.

The Insider Report provides several tools to make this process simple and straighforward.

Review Last Sold Price & Municipal Valuation

One of the best ways to determine the value of a property is by looking at its last sale price.

The Insider Report provides you with:

  • Last Sold Price
  • Sale & Transfer Date
  • Municipal Valuation (where available)

Municipal valuations tell you how much the local authority thinks the property is worth. Together with the last sale price, you can get a fairly good idea of the property's true value.

The more recent the value indicators are, the more useful they’ll be. Combining this data with the growth or decline of property values in an area will give you a good idea of the value – even if the “last sold price” is outdated.

Analyse Nearby Sales

The Nearby Sales tool gives you a bird's eye view of the property market in the area.

It gives you a list of all recent sales, with the sale date, property size, and exact location.

Description Size Price Transfer Date
63 SUSSEX ROAD Cape Town 262 R750,000 05/08/2011
15 PARK ROAD Cape Town 252 R699,000 05/12/2012
54 OTTERY ROAD Cape Town 408 R640,000 17/02/2012
7 ESSEX ROAD Cape Town Erf 68797 345 R600,000 11/03/2013
3 ROSS ROAD Cape Town 141 R300,000 27/09/2012
52 OTTERY ROAD Cape Town 190 R740,000 16/11/2011

Looking for a great value apartment?

The nearby sales tool is particularly useful when it comes to valuing apartments - especially if you are buying in the same complex or development.

In these cases, it can be accurate to value a property based on the price per square meter of recent sales. The same goes for vacant land.

See Suburb Trends

This trend analysis shows you the number of houses, apartments, or farms sold in the area over the years, along with the average sale price in each year.

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Suburb Trends

All these insights will give you an excellent idea of a property’s worth – so you can head to the auction with confidence in your bid price.

Spot Bargain Opportunities

Want to know where the real bargains are?

The ultimate source of bargain properties are of course Sheriff Auctions. The key bidder in a Sheriff Auction is the bank. They are only looking to recover a portion of their losses, so its always useful to know how much they are owed.

The Insider Report shows you what bonds are registered against the property, so you can see how much the bank might expect. So be on the lookout for properties with low bond amounts.

Your Complete Property Report

As you’ve seen, the Insider Report contains vital information for anyone bidding on a property.

Without it, you’d have a hard time finding:

  • The value of the property
  • Accurate data about the property
  • The condition of the property and if it’s currently occupied
  • How much is owed on the property

With access to Insider Reports, you’ll have enough information to bid confidently on your dream home or investment.

By upgrading, you can access as many reports as you need in your chosen areas.

You’ll also get up to 60 days notice for upcoming auctions, as well as full property descriptions, and custom twice-weekly email alerts.

I bought a 2 hectare property in Glen Austin for just over R2m and its valued at over R4m. Your site made this really simple for me.

Therry Martins, 
Tech-Reef Logictics
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