Understand why the property is being auctioned

There are two main reasons why properties are auctioned by the sheriff.

In both cases it is useful to know how much the owner owes the bank, as it gives an idea of how high the bank will bid - or what the reserve price may be.
The bonds registered against a property can be the key to whether or not the property goes for a bargain price.
If there are no registered bonds, or the registered bonds are very low then the bank will not bid very high.
Endorsements Doc No Amount
Absa Bank Ltd B93289/2006 R2,500,000
Absa Bank Ltd B202559/2006 R500,000
Interdict I-3597/2013AT
The HQ report shows who the Plaintiff is - so you can see if there is going to be a reserve price at the auction
High Court: Case No. 12/2462
The HQ Report also shows the registered owner(s) of the property. It may be an individual or a company.
Further information about the owner is available with one-click. Click on "show" to see a sample.*
Owner NameID/Passport
John Smith 7202063520802 Show
* Contact Searchs and Company reports are charged for seperately.